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Persoonlijk gegraveerde armband met de gravure "IK HOU VAN JE".

Deze armband van nordd is gemaakt van 316l roestvrij staal. De armband is volledig verstelbaar en past daarom bij de meeste polsmaten.

Maat s past op de meeste vrouwelijke polsen. Wij raden maat m aan voor mannen.

It isn't just a piece of jewelry...
It's a piece of jewelry that represents the most meaningful people, places and experiences in life. It is a piece of jewelry which tells of a beautiful memory, an amazing experience or an unforgettable moment. It could be the day he proposed to you, the day you became pregnant, the day you passed your final exam or just a particular date which has a very special meaning for you.


· 304L stainless steel
· The gold bracelet is plated with 18 carat gold
· Adjustable
· Unisex
· Width: 5 mm
· Nordd logo on the outside
· Incl. nice jewelry bag in velour
· Engraved in Copenhagen
· Waterproof
· 14 days return policy


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