It All Started In London

In 2015, I entered the Danish hostel in London and met my companion, Justin, for the first time. We were both in London for two very different reasons, but we built a good friendship and not least a lot of good memories. 

After a couple of years, Justin moved back to Denmark, but we both felt that something was missing. We lacked the memory, history and experiences of London by our side. One thing that could take us back to London and the many memories we have together in our luggage. This was the start of the idea and foundation for Nordd Copenhagen's basic vision. 

A Piece Of Jewelry That Perpetuates Memories

The purpose, idea and passion has always been to create a stylish and personal piece of jewelry for both men and women, which bears very special memories. This is how the idea arose to engrave each individual bracelet personally with a special text that has a very special meaning for the individual. 

Jewelry from Nordd Copenhagen isn't just jewelry. It represents the most meaningful people, places and experiences in life. It is a piece of jewelry which tells of a beautiful memory, an amazing experience or an unforgettable moment. It could be the day he proposed to you, the day you became pregnant, the day you passed your final exam or just a particular date which has a very special meaning for you. Just imagine, a piece of jewelry so simple can tell such a meaningful story.