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1. Choose your FREE Limited Necklace below

2. Now, please add at least one additional piece of jewellery to your cart. The price of your free piece will be adjusted to £0

3. Once you have received an order confirmation, you have secured your free Limited Necklace

PLEASE NOTE: Maximum one Limited Necklace per customer

Enjoy! 🖤

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Limited Necklace - Gold

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Limited Necklace - Silver

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Limited Necklace 2 - Gold

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Limited Necklace 2 - Silver

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The Limited Edition jewelry of the year

This year, we have chosen to create two different limited edition necklaces.

Therefore, you have the opportunity to choose between two different pieces of jewellery this year.

Please note that only 250 pieces have been produced.

FAQ - Black Week Private Sale

How do I get a free piece of jewelry?

You need to add at least one more piece of jewelry to your cart and then choose which Limited piece you want (gold or silver).

As soon as you have added one more piece of jewelry + the Limited piece, the price of the Limited piece will automatically update to 0 kr.

If you encounter any issues, we are always here to help and answer any questions in the chat at the bottom of the page.

How do I know if I have received the Limited piece for 0 kr.?

You can only be certain of that once you have completed the purchase and received an order confirmation by email.

How do I know if there are more Limited pieces available?

If the Limited piece is marked as 'sold out' on the website, there are no more pieces available. Only 250 pieces have been produced.

Can I return/exchange my jewelry and still keep the Limited piece?

Yes, you can exchange any jewelry, as long as it does not have personal engraving – just like normal.

Please note that if you choose to return your jewelry, the free Limited piece must also be returned.

Can I return my jewelry, get a refund, and keep the Limited piece?

No, it is not possible to partially return the purchase. If you wish to return the jewelry for a refund, the Limited piece must also be returned.

Can I place multiple orders and receive multiple Limited pieces?

No, there is a maximum of one free Limited piece per customer.

What is the delivery time during Black Week Private Sale?

We always aim to ship your order within 2-4 business days.

However, it may take a bit longer during Black Week Private Sale. All jewelry is engraved individually and personally for each order, which can result in slightly longer delivery times when there are many orders.

*We have reserved 250 Limited jewelry pieces for you with Private Sale access. Once 250 pieces have been distributed, we will open it up to all visitors. Please note that only 1100 pieces have been produced in total, so it's first come, first served 🖤.